About Garsoft

Many people comment that Garsoft is an unusual name for a photography based or personal website. Back in the early 1980's...(!)... I was writing programs for the Commodore 64 computer in Basic and 6502/6510 Assembly Language. My nan had always called me "Gar", so when I started writing programs, I added "soft", short for software and Garsoft was born.
I had many programs published in the magazines of the time and put (C) Copyright Garsoft into the code. Eventually, I upgraded from the C64 to the Commodore Amiga and wrote programs in Basic, 68000 Assembly Language and C/C++ again under the Garsoft name. In the late 80's the world wide web was born and I created a website for people to download my creations and naturally, Garsoft was the first choice - I was lucky to secure this with Freenetname an ISP back then who gave free domain names as part of the package.
Although it was my day job to build, sell and repair IBM Compatible PCs, pre-Windows and since the early days of MSDOS, I did not switch to PCs until around 1996 after Windows 95 OSR2 was launched. Up until then, I preferred the AmigaOS operating system and programs like Deluxe Paint. I re-worked some of my Commodore 64 and Amiga programs for the PC, along with some more serious utility programs and again offered them for download on Garsoft. Over time, I had less and less time for programming and more and more interest in photography and slowly the programs got replaced by images until the programs were no more.
My day job is still with PCs, but from a more technical aspect of Windows servers, desktop PCs, networking and increasingly cloud based solutions. Photography and walking the Pembrokeshire coast is my escape from the pressures of this. The only programming I dabble with now is simple CSS/HTML for creating and refreshing this and my company's website.

Contact Me

You will not find me on any of the social media platforms, but I can be contacted via e-mail on
garydmayhew [at] gmail.com.